ZFS Features

Zetavault offers comprehensive storage management yet is very easy to use.

We give system administrators the tools they need without “dumbing down” the software.

For more complex tasks, we've built several Wizards.

Web Based Management

A web based application is used for primary management.

The application supports PCs, phones and tablets.

We use standard HTML, CSS and Javascript with no fancy extensions or flash.

Full Shell Access

Command line management is also available. This can be done with the built-in Ajax based shell or with an SSH client.

Welcome to Zetavault.

Management: https://storage1/
   Version: 3.26.01
    Kernel: 4.4.13-98-zetavault

Last login: Sun Oct 9 15:05:16 2011 from heisenberg.superlab.net

Unlike other vendors, we do not “lock down the hood” and allow full access to the underlying operating system. Any modifications you do are not supported by us but you are free to make them.

Monitor Service

We’ve built a service to monitor the ZFS storage pools.

All events are logged and e-mail alerts are generated for ones that the system admin really needs to know about.

The monitor service will handle the automatic rebuild of ZFS storage pools when a disk is replaced or a hot-spare is available.

Send & Receive Service

This service provides full management of the ZFS send feature.

It’s an intelligent queue based service for handling the sending and receiving of ZFS datasets from one system to another.

Progress output with total size, estimated time and current transfer rate is shown.

Features include OpenSSL encryption, child dataset handling and integration with the scheduler.

Up to 8 streams can be run simultaneously.

This video shows the send & receive running at a peak bandwidth of 1.5 GB/s and handling multiple streams.

In the video, jobs are manually run. In production setups they would be run by the scheduler.


Zetavault includes a sophisticated scheduler to automate various ZFS tasks.

This includes snapshot creation, sending datasets and pool scrubbing.

Features include start date, expire date, repeat interval, day of week to run, time of day window and auto-rotation of snapshots by age or number.

Cloud Backup

ZFS datasets can be deduped, compressed and then encrypted ready for upload to Amazon S3 or Google Cloud Storage.

Future backups can then be done incrementally.

The cloud backup feature integrates with the scheduler.

All you need to do is to setup a cloud storage account with Amazon or Google.

Enclosure Management

Zetavault makes it easy to manage large numbers of disks in your enclosure.

You can assign aliases to drives, get physical drive information and locate drives with LED blinking.

System Monitoring

Various aspects of the system are monitored for failures. ZFS pools, hardware RAID arrays and redundant power supplies.

The host monitor records system usage of CPU, memory, disk I/O, network I/O and PSU consumption. The data is stored in an SQL database for analysis at any point in the future. This data can be viewed using an interactive chart.

The host monitor also monitors realtime system usage. The data can be viewed in a chart that shows the last 60 seconds of data.

Help, Guides & Wizards

Zetavault includes an integrated help system. There is no need to consult a PDF document running to hundreds of pages. Try doing that on your phone in the data centre.

Several comprehensive guides are also included. These include security, ZFS management, SAN configuration and system monitoring.

Wizards greatly simplify the configuration of more complex tasks.