Zetavault includes a high performance kernel based SAN. The SAN supports any combination of iSCSI, FCoE and InfiniBand targets.

A separate target provides NVMe Over Fabrics target support.

It’s very easy to setup and you can be up and running within minutes. Configuration is wizard based.

Advanced per-initiator device visibility management (LUN masking) allows different initiators to see different sets of devices with different access permissions.

The SAN is fully integrated with ZFS so that ZFS volumes can be exported by the SAN.

Multipathing is supported. This allows the use of redundant physical path components — adapters, cables, and switches — to create logical paths between the storage and the storage client. Another advantage of multipathing is the increased throughput by way of load balancing.

The Cluster edition of Zetavault enables the creation of high availability SANs. See the High Availability page for more details.


1/10/25/40/50/56/100 Gigabit Ethernet support.

Supports SCSI-3 Persistent Reservations.

Incoming CHAP and outgoing CHAP support.

Portals support for iSCSI discovery.

iSER support for RDMA based iSCSI over Ethernet or InfiniBand networks.

Optional integration with the system firewall.


10 Gigabit and 40 Gigabit Ethernet support.

Works with any adapter with FCoE support.


Both iSER and SRP protocols are supported.

Complete OFED support is already included in Zetavault.

NVMe Over Fabrics

The highest performance SAN network available today.

Ultra low latency and throughput up to 100 Gigabit.


The SAN aspect of Zetavault is VMware Ready and Citrix Ready.


See the Certification page for more details.

VMware VAAI Support

All the VMware VAAI (vStorage APIs for Array Integration) primitives are supported:

Run this command on your ESX box to confirm:

esxcli storage core device vaai status get

   ATS Status: supported
   Clone Status: supported
   Zero Status: supported
   Delete Status: supported

Support for VAAI is automatic. No configuration is required.