Zetavault is a ZFS based storage software platform with enterprise class features which allows you to turn commodity hardware into centralized data storage servers at significant cost savings.

Open and unified storage management is provided at a fraction of the cost of what traditional storage vendors charge.

iSCSI, Fibre Channel, InfiniBand, NFS and SMB are fully integrated with ZFS.

Zetavault supports any combination of IP, Fibre Channel or InfiniBand networks on the same system at the same time.

Management of the system is done through your web browser. No previous experience with ZFS systems is necessary.

What is ZFS?

ZFS is a revolutionary file system and logical volume manager that fundamentally changes the way file systems are administered, with features and benefits not found in any other file system available today. ZFS is robust, scalable, and easy to administer.

Features include protection against data corruption, support for high storage capacities, efficient data compression, integrated filesystem and volume management, snapshots and copy‑on‑write clones, continuous integrity checking and automatic repair, integrated RAID and in‑line deduplication.

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ZFS Features and Enhancements

We've built rich management tools to make the storage admins life easier.

Some of the features include pool monitoring, auto snapshots, remote replication, cloud backup and a comprehensive scheduler to automate system tasks, all of which are accessible through a modern, clean and intuitive interface supported by a wide variety of browsers and devices.

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Zetavault allows you to a build a high performance SAN at a fraction of the price of traditional SAN hardware.

For block based storage, we have fully integrated iSCSI, Fibre Channel, FCoE and InfiniBand with ZFS.

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Not only can Zetavault operate as a SAN server it can also export file systems over NFS and SMB from the same server at the same time, providing centralized file sharing for your network across all major operating system platforms.

With the SMB service, Zetavault can connect as a client to your Active Directory infrastructure.

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High Availability

Zetavault can create a single pool of storage from multiple storage servers.

It is possible to build a ZFS cluster which has no single point of failure.

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Control various aspects of Zetavault from external software you have written.

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We support a wide range of hardware from industry leading vendors as well as some the latest technologies including UEFI, NVMe, 40 Gigabit Ethernet and 56 Gigabit InfiniBand.

We add support for new hardware and technologies as they emerge.

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Zetavault has been certified by our test engineers to make sure it is compatible with widely used virtualization platforms and to make sure it passes the stringent VMware Ready and Citrix Ready tests.


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Screenshots Tour

Have a look at the screenshots from the web based management.

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