Zetavault is provided as an ISO image.

Use this image to install on physical hardware or virtual machines.

For physical hardware, you will need to burn the image to CD, DVD or USB pen drive.


If Linux can be installed on your system, then you can install Zetavault.

Hardware requirements:

Additional storage is required for the ZFS or LVM storage pool.

Your system can be physical or virtual.

60 Day Trial

Zetavault is provided as a 60 day trial.

The software will expire after 60 days. The trial version is limited to a total storage allocation of 20TB. It does not matter how much physical storage is in your system.

At the end of the trial period, only the management software will stop working. We don’t touch any data you have created. The storage services (iSCSI, NFS, etc) will continue to run so any network clients you have connected can still access their data.

There is no need to re-install Zetavault if you are purchasing a license. Just update the system when we have confirmed payment.

System Activation

After installation of the ISO, the system will need to be activated for the Zetavault packages to be built.

An Internet connection to your system is required to do the activation. You can disable the Internet connection once installation is complete.

Download ISO

Link to ISO image:


Link to ISO hash values:


Installation Guide

See Installation Guide for the installation guide.

See Bootable USB Guide for details on how to create a bootable USB pen drive.

Installation Support

E-mail us at: