Installation Guide

It’s easy to install Zetastack. Here’s what you need to do.

The machine you intend to install to requires a working Internet connection. Using a proxy is supported.

Burn the ISO installation image to a CD, DVD or USB pen drive.

See Bootable USB Guide for details on how to create a bootable USB pen drive.

Make sure the disk you install to is 20 GB or larger.

Begin Installation

Boot your system from the CD, DVD or USB pen drive.

You should see a welcome screen prompting you to choose your language.

Select the graphical or text based install from the menu.

The following guide uses screenshots from the text based installer. Click here for the graphical based installation guide.

Language, Keyboard & Location

Select the language you would like to use for installation.

Please note that this is for the base operating system. For the Zetastack web management application, we only support English.


Select your location.


Select the keyboard layout.


The system will now load additional components.


Network Setup

The installer will try to automatically configure the network.


If you do not have a DHCP server running on your network then click “Cancel” or allow the DHCP request to time out and you will be prompted to configure the network manually.

Enter the network configuration manually.


Select the time zone. If your country on has 1 time zone, this step will not be present.


Disk Setup

Make sure the disk you install to is 20 GB or larger.

Select “Guided - use entire disk”.


Select the disk you want to use for the installation.


Select “Finish partitioning and write changes to disk”.


Last chance. If you are sure, select “Yes”.


The installation will now install the base system.

This will take a few minutes to complete.


OS Updates

Select your country.


Select an archive mirror. Leave as the default if you are unsure.


Enter the proxy information. Leave blank if you are not using a proxy.

The proxy information should be in this format:



The installation will download the packages from the mirror.

This will take a few minutes to complete.


Finish Installation

Select the disk you used for installation above. The boot loader will be installed to this disk.


The system will now finish the installation.


Initial installation is now complete.


Activate Your System

You have now installed Zetastack. All that is left to do now is point your web browser to your servers IP address and activate your system.


If you configured the server to obtain it’s IP address from DHCP you may need to login to the console.

You can also login to the console using the default username and password:

The welcome text will return output as shown:

Welcome to Zetastack.

Management: https://zetastack/
   Version: 2018.06.15
    Kernel: 4.16.3-56-zetastack
   Machine: 81eaf72efc3016ec71

      ens3: 52:54:00:3d:1c:d4 |

You should take extra care when making modifications to the system from
the shell. Modifications you make are not supported unless we instructed
you to make them.

Interfaces with a valid IP address are shown just below the Machine field.

In our example above the address is


Post activation, you will be automatically logged in to the web management interface.

Should you logout, the default username and password is: