Zetastack is provided as an ISO image with a 60 day trial period.


See Hardware Support for the system requirements.

60 Day Trial

Zetastack is provided as a 60 day trial.

There is no need to re-install Zetastack if you are purchasing a license. Just update the system when we have confirmed payment.

System Activation

After installation of the ISO, the system will need to be activated for the Zetastack packages to be built.

An Internet connection to your system is required to do the activation. Proxy servers are supported.

You can disable the Internet connection once installation is complete.

Download ISO

Link to ISO image:


Link to ISO hash values:


Installation Guide

See Installation Guide for the installation guide.

See Bootable USB Guide for details on how to create a bootable USB pen drive.

Installation Support

E-mail us at: