Backup & Restore

The Worlds Easiest VM Backup

Zetastack performs host based backup by taking live snapshots of the VM images.

The backup and restore feature is fully integrated into the HCI stack without the need to purchase additional software.

Multiple backup targets can be active at the same time. This means you can backup the VM images to the local LAN and to the cloud to increase protection.

Comprehensive Target Support

We have the best target support of any VM backup solution on the market:

Cloud Backup

Backup and restore directly to the leading cloud service providers:

NAS Appliances

Backup and restore to a range of NAS appliances including:


Snapshots can be optionally deduped, compressed and encrypted.

This is required if backing up to the cloud providers.


With the wizard based restore, you can restore single VM images or entire VMs.

For each image, the restore point can be selected.

All restores are copies. No existing data is overwritten. This means you can perform the restore while the original image is in use.