Digital Networks Launches Openvault

15th October 2009

Manchester based Digital Networks UK Ltd have released their Openvault platform for inclusion on their established Teravault range of storage systems.

The first public release of the Openvault platform follows 18 months of intensive development by the company, who have an enviable reputation for their no-nonsense approach to open source system and service provision.

Providing block based virtualized storage for network clients, the Openvault platform is unique in the marketplace in supporting any combination of IP, Fibre Channel and InfiniBand network fabrics - simultaneously within one unit.

Openvault offers full backward compatibility with an organisation's existing network fabric, whilst being fully upgradeable to comply with any anticipated future network upgrades.

Designed to dramatically simplify the creation and ongoing management of storage area networks, Openvault provides support for SAN target devices such as entire RAID arrays, logical volumes, virtual disk images as well as DRBD replicated devices. Openvault removes unnecessary complexity from the storage infrastructure and provides huge cost savings as a result.

DNUK spokesman, Peter Phillips, says of the platform, "We're very excited by what Openvault delivers to system administrators. Where many storage solutions seem to wrest control away from the customer, Openvault puts that customer firmly in charge of their own systems."

On cost savings, he adds, "In the current economic climate, many organisations are demanding reductions in IT expenditure, yet are feeling compelled to implement major changes in server and storage infrastructure. Openvault gives them the cake and lets them eat it in respect of their storage systems' evolution.

"To people concerned about support arrangements, I would say firstly, Openvault is truly open source. It is entirely feasible for a competent sys admin to support the system themselves - perhaps after a little initial guidance from ourselves. For those who prefer to be more hands-off, we offer a very competitive Pro-Support programme but the important thing is that the customer has the choice."

Openvault offers unrivalled SAN management capabilities at a fraction of the costs traditionally associated with such systems and DNUK believe the platform will attract significant interest from public sector organisations, with schools, colleges, local authorities etc. increasingly directed to consider open source options on IT projects.

Features include:

Openvault is available at zero cost with our Teravault line of storage servers.

DNUK will be demonstrating the capabilities of Openvault and OVP - DNUK's Open Virtualization Platform - at Technologyworld09, November 23-24, Ricoh Arena, Coventry. Interested parties can contact the company directly for more details.

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