Teravault Systems With 6TB Drives Now Available
2nd July 2015
Blog Launched
1st June 2015
New Company Name
1st June 2015
New Flash Based Storage Server
6th October 2014
New High Capacity Storage Servers
6th October 2014
Zetavault 3.0 ZFS Storage Platform Released
31st October 2013
Teravault Systems With 4TB Drives Now Available
27th September 2012
New Teravault Further Reduces Entry Level Pricing
20th May 2012
Digital Networks Releases New Xeon Systems Based On The New Sandy Bridge Architecture
29th March 2012
New Socket 2011 Desktops Released
28th March 2012
Virtual Tape Libary Support For Openvault Released
27th January 2012
Digital Networks Breaks The 100TB Barrier
23rd February 2011
Digital Networks Releases Openvault 2.0
1st October 2010
Digital Networks Releases Openvirt 2.0
25th May 2010
CentOS 5.5 Released
17th May 2010
Digital Networks Releases New Opteron Servers Based On 6000 Series Platform
29th March 2010
New Intel Westmere Processors Now Available
16th March 2010
Digital Networks Launches Largest Storage Systems Yet
4th March 2010
Digital Networks Releases Openvirt 1.4
23rd November 2009
Digital Networks Launches Openvault
15th October 2009
DNUK And Warwick Researchers Break Computation Record
22nd September 2009
Digital Networks Unveils Openvirt
1st September 2009
Digital Networks Introduces Per Minute Billing Pro Support
15th April 2009
Digital Networks Releases New Xeon Servers Based On The New Nehalem Architecture
1st April 2009
Digital Networks Offers Open Source Virtualization Platforms
5th March 2009
Digital Networks Releases New Premium Ubuntu Desktop Range
23rd February 2009
Digital Networks Releases New SAN Solutions With Open-E
2nd January 2009