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Zetastack Hyperconverged Product Launched

25th June 2018

Today sees the launch of our most ambitious product to date.

The product is called "Zetastack" and it turns standard X86 servers into hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) appliances.

After years of being in denial about hyper-converged, we've unashamedly jumped on the HCI bandwagon big time.

What Does It Do?

You install it on a standard X86 server. Think Dell PowerEdge, HPE ProLiant, IBM/Lenovo ThinkSystem and Supermicro servers.

Using some very clever software (and a bit of magic) the server is now a fully functioning HCI appliance.

The internal storage in the servers is used to create a pool of distributed & replicated scale out storage. There is no need for separate expensive high availability storage systems.

You can use cheap SATA disks or expensive NVMe flash storage. It's really up to you.

Virtual machine high availability and load balancing are standard features.

We've included the worlds easiest VM backup and restore. Fully integrated. Backup to the LAN or to the cloud.

Machine overview

Virtual machine overview.

How Much Of My Already Squeezed Budget Do I Need To Spend?

Not as much as you think. Just £400 / €500 / $600 per server, per year.

We don't care how many cores your server has, what the RAM size is or how much storage is installed. Install the product on the biggest, baddest attack dog in the data centre and we won't charge a penny extra.

You'll pay up to 10 times more from other vendors, once you factor in backup and disaster recovery. You know, those really expensive extras that other vendors upsell.

The product is free for home labs. You can't say fairer than that.

Do I Need It?

Of course you do. Stop messing around with SAN, iSCSI, multipathing, volumes, LUNs and LTO tape backups.

Life is too short and those ancient technologies really aren't worth it.

Zetastack probably reduces CO2 emissions somewhere. So it could save the planet.

OK, I'm Sold

Download the 60 day trial and start doing some damage.

You'll be an IT hero in no time. Just don't tell your boss how easy it was.