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New Features In Zetavault 3.28

21st February 2017

NVMe Over Fabrics Target

It's the technology that is getting a lot of press recently.

This is the first truly new block based networked storage technology to be developed in over 20 years. Since the introduction of Fibre Channel in 1994, all block based network storage has been SCSI based.

NVMeF allows connected devices to function as if they are locally attached to the system. You are no longer restricted to installing NVMe devices locally inside each system. You can create a shared pool of NVMe devices to be accessed by different systems.

Ethernet or InfiniBand networks of up to 100 Gigabit can be used for NVMeF.

Kernel 4.9 Support

This is the next longterm kernel. We are still building the 4.4 series but we recommend you switch to 4.9.