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New Features In Zetavault 3.27

26th September 2016

RDMA Based iSCSI On Ethernet

We have added support for iSER (iSCSI Extensions for RDMA) to the SAN service.

This is the fastest SAN available today using an Ethernet network. This thing absolutely blows away Fibre Channel.

The TCP/IP stack is bypassed completely for iSCSI traffic. Throughput is much higher and latency is much lower.

We've seen performance of over 9,000 MB/sec from a VMware virtual machine to an iSER target over two 40 Gigabit Ethernet links.

We have blogged about iSER performance here:

iSCSI vs iSER vs SRP on Ethernet & InfiniBand

NVMe SMART Monitoring

NVMe devices are now automatically supported by the SMART disk monitor service.

Make sure you are running smartmontools version 6.5.1.

IPMI Based Fencing For Cluster Setups

For storage based controllers in cluster setups, we now support IPMI power control for fencing.

Dell DRAC, HP iLO, Supermicro ASPEED and most other vendors are supported.